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Selling Luxury Watches

Selling Luxury Watches at Buy My Diamond

We, Buy My Diamond, trusted watch buyers, are equipped with a team of professionals working with us to give the respective clients a suitable estimation for their Rolex watches or any Swiss-made luxury watches. The watch appraisals/ estimations given by our team of professionals aim to find the correct value when you sell pre-owned watches.

Our key objective is detailed examination and quick transactions and considering that we guarantee a sleek, seamless procedure from beginning to the end. Moreover, we take care of the privacy of our clients since we understand and give importance to secrecy.

Look at Your Old and Used Watches Carefully before Selling

After deciding to sell your watches for instant money, you need to be wary of everything about your timepieces because only then you can convey that info to Buy My Diamond. The old luxury watches are usually grouped as antique and modern when you sell watches for cash. Though, there is merely a rough timeline that makes the antique timepieces different from the modern ones. The luxury timepieces designed prior to and during the 1980s belong to the old, antique timepieces category. The modern timepieces are the new luxury timepieces that incorporate everything their makers yet produce.

Sell Used Watches
Here are the Watches We Deals In:
1. Rolex

Rolex has been in existence since 1905, offering luxurious timepieces to the world. There is no doubt that it is the most popular luxurious timepiece brand. The watch brand is mainly popular for its British origin, elegantly imitated in its classic designs. Also, Rolex is the biggest single luxury timepiece manufacturer since it carries on making 2000 handmade timepieces in a single day. For many decades, the watch brand has gained great admiration and featured in lots of classic films.

2. Piaget

Piaget is another renowned timepiece brand. It is known for its delicate and intricate watches. It has been there since 1874 and is among the most prominent jewelry makers, ranked 6th in the year 2008.

3. Tag Heuer

This is another Swiss luxurious timepiece brand that designs and markets timepieces, as well as fashion accessories. The company has been in existence since 1860 and has a vision for modernity and disruption; and has its roots in speed and accuracy sports, motor racing particularly. Carrera, Monaco, and Autavia are some of the modern timepieces in their collection.

4. Hublot

Hublot is a young luxury watch brand that was founded in the year 1980 by Carlo Crocco. It was the first watch brand to employ rubber as a strap material on a premium gold watch. Also, it was even the first to sponsor football.

We at Buy My Diamond have an exclusive collection of Hublot watches. Go to our Hublot watches category and check out some of the most impressive, stunning timepieces.

5. Patek Philippe

When it comes to luxury watches, you can’t keep Patek Philippe out of the game. The watches by Patek Philippe are among the most expensive timepieces in the world. A Patek Philippe can cost somewhere between 21000 dollars and 485000 Dollars. The price of Patek Philippe watches differs on the basis of the materials, fame, complications, etc. We at Buy My Diamond deal in a vast range of Patek Philippe watches. We are also the best place to sell luxury watches. So, count on us if you wish to sell your old Patek Philippe.

6. Parmigiani

Parmigiani is another luxury watch brand that was founded in the year 1996 by Michel Parmigiani. Kalparisma Nova Galaxy, Tondagraph GT, Kalpa Donna, and Tonda PF Micro-Rotor are some of its latest timepieces.

Apart from having an extensive collection of fine jewelry, Buy My Diamond also deal in popular timepieces by Parmigiani.

Our Buying Process

We have made a very quick and streamlined process to sell your timepieces because we aim to give complete satisfaction to the clients.

1. Ask for an Estimation

In the initial step, you need to send an online request with the information regarding your item.

2. Send the Item

Following our confirmation, you can send your timepieces in a carton or box through post.

3. Receive the Payment in Just 12 Hours

We’ll go through and verify your timepieces and give you the payment.

Connect with our experts today and get the correct watches valuation.

Best way to sell watches
How to Sell Watches?
1. Look for the best Platform

What is the best way to sell watches? There are countless places that you can prefer to sell your luxury timepieces, like auction houses, dealers, jewelry stores, etc. You may not get the best deal from all platforms. Before deciding to sell your watch to anyone, you must know the worth of your timepiece.

Purchasing a preowned or vintage timepiece can be overwhelming. But selling one can also be tough for fanatics who wish to redesign or cut back their collections.Buy My Diamond is a great platform when we say where to sell old watches. We are one of the most reputable stores in the city dealing in timepieces of various brands. You can have an amazing experience by working with Buy My Diamond and getting a healthy amount for your old luxury watches.

2. Formulate your Listing

If you want to put a listing on any online platform, your copy needs to particularly dictate the state of your timepiece and be both detailed and shortened. Whatever information you provide must be clear and concise. These details can be like where you bought it from when you bought it, how it is running, etc.

3. Maintain Records

The worth of your timepiece is very much impacted by the records you maintain. These can be a bill, box, and service history. All these records talk about your watch’s form and authenticity.

As per the advice of the most trusted luxury watch buyers, Buy My Diamond, it would be good to maintain these records and show them to buyers when selling your timepieces.

Have you finally decided to sell your preowned, old luxury Swiss watches? Connect with us today and receive the best deal in no time.

Our Easy Process

Our only motive to give 100% satisfaction to our customers and this is why we made our buying process easy and fast
Request a Quote

Request a Quote

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Send us the Diamond

Send us the Diamond

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Get Paid in 12 Hours

Get Paid in 12 Hours

We will verify your item and get you paid.

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