Privacy Policy

BuyMyDiamond, we are dedicated to keeping the privacy of our clients and users secure. Our privacy policy comes into play where we are serving as a data controller concerning the personal data of the viewers and service users of the site. Shortly, where we find out the intentions and modes of the processing of that info.

How we employ our personal info

We use the general categories of personal info that we might process, the legitimate foundations of the processing, and the intents for which we might process personal info.

Giving the personal info of clients to others

We might share your personal info with anyone from our group of companies, meaning our subsidiaries, our ultimate holding company, and each of its subsidiaries insofar as rationally obligatory for the purposes, and on the legitimate foundations, set out in the privacy policy.

Retaining and erasing personal data

This sets out info retaining rules and processes, intended to aid in making sure that we meet our legal obligations concerning the retention and removal of personal info. Personal info that we process for any motives shall not be retained for a longer time than it is required.

Usage Data

The usage data might incorporate the user’s IP address, type of browser, area, OS, length of visit, site navigation paths, pattern of the services use, and details related with the timing. The usage data source is the analytical tracking system that we have. This data can be processed for scrutinizing the use of sites and services.


At BuyMyDiamond, we might update our privacy policy by publishing a novel version on our site. You need to seek this page numerous times to make sure that you’re pleased with any changes to this policy. Feel free to get in touch with us at or call us on +44-2072425965 .

Rights of users

We have focused on the rights that the users have under the data protection guidelines. A few of them may sound complicated, and not every info has been integrated in our sum-ups. As per this, it is important for the users to go through the relevant laws and guidance from the governing authorities for a complete clarification of these rights.


At BuyMyDiamond, we employ cookies for the status, personalization, authentication, security, advertising, and cookie consent.

Managing cookies

A majority of browsers let the users decline to accept cookies and delete cookies. To do so, the users can get updated details related to blocking and deleting cookies through various links.