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Sell Your Gemstone

Receive a Great Deal for Your Gemstone Jewellery at Buy My Diamond

Buy My Diamond is a trustworthy and reputable platform to sell your gemstone jewellery for the best price. We have been in this business for years, and we have also maintained a strong client base. At Buy My Diamond, we accept every variety of gemstones, from Ruby to Sapphire, from tourmaline to turquoise. You may come across numerous options online to sell my birthstone jewellery, but Buy My Diamond is definitely the most dependable one.

If you have decided to cash your gemstone jewellery, then get in touch with us and share your personal details. Let us know about the gemstone you want to sell and choose a safe and convenient way of delivery.

We offer free shipping for your gemstone jewellery. If the cost of your gems is in the range of 500000 Dollars, then the selling of these precious stones will be discussed on call. At the time of the discussion, prior to the shipping, the most secure and ideal way to ship will be decided. In the case of highly worthy stones, the shipping will be performed from your office or house.

List of Gemstones We Deals In:

  • Sapphire
  • Beryl
  • Demantoid
  • Jadeite
  • Ruby
  • Diamond
  • Grandidierite
  • Emerald
  • Musgravite
  • Benitoite
  • Poudretteite

Our team of professionals works with modern inspection tools and an amazing lab. Apart from general lab equipment for gemologists, counting microscopes, refractometers, or polariscopes, we have X-ray examination tools and hydrostatic scales.

Besides identifying insertions, we can also refer insertions to a geographical region or even to a definite mining operation.

Gemstones for Instant Money
Gemstone Valuation

What to Take into Consideration When you Sell your Gemstones?

What’s the best way to sell gemstone? In nature, you may find a lot of various types of precious stones that can be placed in a suitable setting. While you want to sell gemstones for instant money but don’t know how to get started, the whole procedure can be tough and complicated. But any gemstone or birthstone that you wished to purchase earlier might also be an appealing prospective purchase for anybody online. This implies that there is a market if you reach out to the best place to sell gemstone.

Many people like to collect gemstones, and some may buy them as a symbol of their birth month. Gemstones are pretty unique and personal. Sapphire, Emeralds, Tourmaline, and Ruby are some examples of gemstones. When it comes to how to sell gemstones, things can be a little complicated. For some, selling them can be quite heartbreaking, but they don’t have any other option. This is a key consideration that you must keep in mind before you decide to sell your birthstones.

Also, when you visit the most trusted gemstone buyers online or in-person to sell your coloured stones, be ready to attain offers and deals that are lower compared to the initial price of your gems.

People buy jewellery pieces at retail rates, while the selling price is much lesser. However, you need to count on the right place that offers you a fair price when you sell gemstone jewellery. Prior to heading on the search to sell certified loose gemstones for cash, it is important to know that all coloured stones are rated differently and have varied market prices. Thus, you may not receive the similar amount you have paid before. However, in case you find a good buyer, there might be chances of receiving a fair deal.

How are the Value of Gemstones Decided?

A 1 ct ruby stone may cost about 10 dollars to 10000 dollars. The gemstone’s quality is the thing that plays a key role here. Usually, a person can just see the distinctions in quality while you view a horde of ruby stones altogether. Ruby stones having better quality colours may carry more value compared to other gems. Similar to diamonds, better lucidity will have more value per carat. Owing a ruby stone of a better cut is often worth a little more. Similarly, the larger the size of the gem, the more it will cost per carat. In every variety of coloured stones, the costs are calculated as per the 4 Cs, while color is definitely the most decisive factor.

The costs vary as per the variety of coloured stones, and this is when confusion and many pre-conceived views related to price arrive.

Quite a few varieties of coloured stones rates are lower only due to the supply and demand rule. A few of them are valued lower compared to other stones as the colour is not in need or demand. Brown and yellow are not very much in demand among people.

Many coloured stones are priced less compared to others having the same traits. Stunning, even so, quite a few gems can have unknown or uncommon names, or people can get baffled with the same looking semi-precious gems. Ultimately, these prejudices in the coloured stone marketplace might get amended in the future.

Sell Gemstone Jewellery
Where to Sell Gemstone or Birthstone?

At Buy My Diamond, you can get a fair deal for any gemstone, be it sapphire, ruby, or emerald. You can visit a local jeweler for gemstone appraisals or gemstone valuation, but there can be a likelihood that you may not get what you wish for. Local jewelers generally don’t buy gemstones or jewellery pieces from the public, as they can get them at wholesale rates from any other place.

We at Buy My Diamond work as per GIA standards and offer a deal based on the prevailing market scenarios. We have a safe, simple, stress-free procedure with 100 percent covered and free shipping. As your jewellery piece comes to us, you get a concluding offer the same day. The amount for your piece will be transferred to your account within 12 hours.

Looking to sell your sapphire or ruby stones at a good resale price? Then feel free to contact us and talk to our experts.

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