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Sell Diamonds for Cash

Why Sell Diamonds for Cash?

There are numerous reasons why someone would choose to sell their diamonds for cash. It can be due to a lack of cash for schooling, house improvements, or debt repayment. Others are given historic items of jewelry that do not fit or feel right or just do not fit a person's style. When this happens, the jewelry can start to feel like clutter instead of a memento of a loved one.

When a piece of sentimental jewelry is linked to a specific memory or person and is still wearing, it can be a lovely experience. Diamond jewelry might also reflect anything from one's past that one would like to leave behind. Many people in this circumstance would benefit from selling diamond jewelry rather than keeping it.

Just like gold and silver, diamonds are also a precious asset. If ever the need arises, diamonds can also be sold just like other precious metals in exchange for hefty money or a loan. The most difficult part of liquidating your assets is finding an authentic buyer. A trusted certified loose diamonds buyer would pay you deserved rates and not cheat you when it comes to measuring the quality of the diamond.

Sell your Natural Diamonds and Lab Grown or Lab Created Diamonds for Instant Money?

Have you been wondering where to natural diamonds and lab grown or lab created diamonds for instant money? BuyMyDiamond is your solution to this problem. Selling your diamond may be an easy procedure if you work with the proper buyers, and you'll soon have extra cash in your bank account. We give you a fair and accurate diamond valuation. Get the best price for your diamond depending on the day’s market rate. With the right price for your diamonds, we at BuyMyDiamond guarantee you peace of mind too.

Although trading your diamond jewelry for cash may appear profitable, it is not as straightforward as selling gold. Because gold has a quantitative melting value, diamond resale prices lack a single objective assessment, making the process confusing for individuals who aren't trained gemologists or appraisers.

Sell your Natural Diamonds
Sell your Certified Diamond

What is a Good Time to Sell your Certified Diamond?

Diamond prices fell in 2020 at both the wholesale and retail levels, despite the fact that diamond prices have typically kept their worth. On the one hand, you have the option of keeping your diamond and selling it later when values rise, or you can sell it immediately for cash before prices fall lower. Weddings, births, and anniversaries are all associated with the sale of diamonds.

Knowing when the most births and marriages take place will help you make the most of your diamonds. During certain times, jewelry stores would pay a premium for diamonds in order to make sure that they have enough in stock. Bring in your diamonds to us, to be evaluated and then see what you may receive if you think the season is suitable.

Watch for Market Changes

Furthermore, industry trends will decide the price of diamonds from day to day, just as they do for any other service or product. Long-term selling prices for diamonds are encouraging, but if the market is in decline, your diamond may not be worth as much as it was last week.

You may keep a close eye on the jewelry industry or find the best place before selling, just like you can watch stocks go up and down.

Selling Loose Diamonds

Selling your precious loose diamonds can be a daunting process for anyone as finding the right seller and getting the right valuation in the market. Selling your loose diamonds to pawnbrokers or independent jewelry retailers can result in monetary loss. They are not professionals and are unable to provide the right valuation for your diamonds. BuyMyDiamond constantly evaluates and offers you the most attractive prices for your diamonds.

Why Choose Us?

A lot of jewelers usually offer very uncompetitive rates as they are short on capital that they can spend on diamonds. Our process on the other hand is quite different. We offer our unique connections in the diamond industry to get you the best prices for your diamonds.

Types of Diamonds We Buy

At BuyMyDiamond, no matter what type of diamond you are looking to sell, we can buy it all. We offer you the best prices for all types of diamonds. We buy diamonds of any cut, clarity, cut or carat, guaranteeing you will get the best prices with us. With our connections in the market and a supply to our large capital, we offer you the best prices for your conflict-free diamonds and blood diamonds.

Get Expert Valuation

We use a GIA, AGS, IGI trained expert gemologist to determine the absolutely best pricing for your precious stones. To give you the best pricing, our experts use cutting-edge equipment and a variety of security checks.

Diamonds Buyers
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We always have our clients' best interests at heart. As a result, we are pleased to announce that we have established a process that allows both sides to be totally satisfied.

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After you submit our application online, one of our appraisers will reach you within 24 hours to meet the estimated price of your item.

Send Your Goods

Once you're satisfied with our initial assessment, we'll send you a safe Royal Mail package so you may send us your belongings.

Final Assessment

We will open your package on camera once we receive it for your safety. Then one of our professionals will evaluate your item and provide you with a final estimate.

Receive Your Offer

If you approve our offer and pick a bank transfer, you will receive your funds within 24 hours. Otherwise, we'll send you a check. If you reject our offer, we will simply return your item to you using Royal Mail's secure and insured service.

Our Easy Process

Our only motive to give 100% satisfaction to our customers and this is why we made our buying process easy and fast
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