About Us

We at BuyMyDiamond, the most trusted diamond buyers, deal in any jewellery piece, be it diamond ring, gold ring, gemstone ring, pearl stud earrings, gold necklace pendant, diamond bracelet bangles, and so on. We also deal in luxury Swiss watches. The team of professionals that is working with Buy My Diamond have a great expertise of over 10 years in this field. Thus, you can every time rely on our expert jewellery appraisers to offer you the correct jewellery valuation for your ornaments and timepieces. We also provide quality jewellery engraving services.

Apart from this, we also give a speedy and reliable postal system to the totality of our customers so you deliver your valuables to us without spending a penny from your side.

Our Belief
1. Dependability

To sell my diamond jewellery for cash, the lone dependable option that comes to your mind is BuyMyDiamond. Moreover, if you are looking to sell your used, or old luxury timepieces, then we are the best place to sell your luxury watch. Our team of expert appraisers are familiar with the methods of spotting differences in diamonds or other gemstones by examining it.

2. Clearness

We ensure that we provide detailed info of nearly everything our client looks for. We every time give them the ideal value of their jewellery pieces as evaluated.

3. Client-focused

The primary focus of our company is on client support. We every time are dedicated to offer the most attractive and correct price of your stones.

4. Quality

The services that we offer at BuyMyDiamond are endorsed by IGI, HRD, GIA certified loose diamonds, and so on. We can say it with pride that our clients rely on us without a doubt.

Want to sell your old gemstone rings, or necklaces? Get connected with us today for selling gemstone jewellery at a fair price.

Our 100% Transparent Buying Process:
1. Fill Up the Form

We at BuyMyDiamond, we give clients an online form to fill up so that we can assess your jewellery piece in no time. The more info you’ll give in the form, the more precise will be our initial assessment. We’ll get back to you right away after the submission of your form.

2. Evaluation

Right after the submission of your online form, anyone from our team will get in touch with your either through a phone call or mail to talk to you regarding the first evaluation based on the info you gave in the form.

3. Delivery

Following the discussion, we’ll deliver you a package containing every necessity that you will need to deliver your jewellery piece to use safely.

4. Final Evaluation

Once you’ve got your package, we’ll unwrap it on camera for safety reasons. After that, anyone in our team will evaluate your piece personally and will estimate you the best value possible.

5. Receive Offer

Once our experienced appraisers have evaluated your piece, we’ll connect with you through mail or phone call, and we’ll estimate you the best value.

If the deal or offer is approved by you, we assure that we’ll pay you in just 12 hours if you select the option of transferring amount to your bank account.