How It works

Do you possess any fine jewellery that you don't use anymore? Then, BuyMyDiamond is the perfect place to sell your gold jewellery, gemstones, diamonds and watches for instant cash. Narrow your search with BuyMyDiamond and get the best deal for your ornaments. You’ll surely have a great experience working with us.

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Our Buying Process:
1. Form Filling

We give our clients a form that they need to fill up online. This form will help us swiftly assess your jewellery. After you issue the form, anyone from our expert team will return to you and provide you with the ideal assessment as quickly as possible.

2. Initial Evaluation

Just after the submission of the form, anyone from our in-house team will get connected with you through mail or phone call to discuss the initial evaluation on the grounds of the info you gave in the form. Either via mail or call, our expert might request you to give some additional details so that we can give you a correct evaluation of your valuables.

3. Shipping

Once you are through with the discussion and you are good to go further, we’ll send you a package having all the necessary things so that you can deliver your pieces to us safely. There are no delivery or shipping fees.

We’ll give your complete instructions explaining the steps you need to take to deliver your items to us in one piece.

4. Final Evaluation

At last, anybody from our team will evaluate your precious goods personally and estimate you the best price possible. That'll be the last evaluation.

Our experts are well-experienced in this line of work and thus can always depend on us in order to offer you the right evaluation and genuine price for your valuables.

5. Receive your Offer

Following our expert jewellery appraisers' evaluation of your precious goods, you will get a call or mail from them, and they’ll estimate you the most accurate price. If the offer sounds good and you accept it, we assure you that we’ll give you the payment in just 12 hours if you opt for a bank-to-bank transfer option.

We at BuyMyDiamond have an experience of more than a decade in this field, and we are working with a team of knowledgeable professionals. With our team, you can have the most hassle-free process, without a doubt.

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