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Sell Diamond and Gold Jewellery

What is the Best Place to Sell Diamond and Gold Jewellery?

Do you own any gold or diamond jewellery that you don’t wear often? Then look for the best jewellery buyers to sell your old jewellery for instant cash. These jewellery pieces can be your diamond wedding ring, earrings, bracelet, or pendant. Where to sell jewellery? No matter what it is, we at Buy My Diamond, the most prominent gold jewellery buyers, deal in all sorts of jewellery pieces.

Things can be very overwhelming when it comes to selling gold or diamond jewellery. How much can you expect in return after you sell your diamond rings or sell your diamond necklace? Is the platform where you are selling genuine? Consider all these questions as you plan to sell your jewellery.

Buy My Diamond is a great online platform that you can rely on to sell diamond jewellery for cash. To get in touch with Buy My Diamond, contact our jewellery experts and provide them with a report of the item you want to sell. This will aid them in deciding the best way to sell jewellery.

Will I Face a Loss When I Sell My Wedding Rings?

Do you possess a diamond wedding ring that you wish to sell now? Then you may already be wary of the resale value you deem it should raise. Altogether, you know the price you paid earlier and the diamond’s size. You might also possess a GIA report and an insurance evaluation to support it.

Even if you have the most gorgeous, fresh-looking diamond wedding ring, it’ll lose a great portion of its original value at the time of reselling. Should I sell my diamond bangles or diamond necklace? How to sell jewellery for instant money? If such questions are coming into your head, then Buy My Diamond is a one-stop solution for you.

Sell My Wedding Rings
Sell Diamond Ring

Why does Diamond Rings Lose its Value so Fast?

You pay a huge amount as you purchase a new diamond ring on the retail marketplace. The reality is that the profit margin on diamond rings is very high. Even if you have kept the ring inside the safe without wearing it even once, it becomes an old or pre-owned ring as it gets out of the store.

As you look to sell my wedding bands, you need to sell them on the wholesale market. The rates in the resale market are very distinct compared to the rates in the luxury retail market.

Keep in Mind the Vital Things Before you Sell your Diamond Earrings
1. The 4 Cs of Diamonds

Whether it is used or new, every diamond is fairly evaluated on the basis of the 4 Cs. These include color, clarity, cut, and carat. Also, lab-made diamonds aren’t as valuable as natural mined diamonds. The diamonds that are drilled and filled have undergone drilling to get rid of natural insertions and filled up with clear stuff so that they look purer.

2. Shape

Diamonds come in various shapes and styles. At present, princess-cut and marquise-cut diamonds are less adored and raise lower rates compared to round-cut diamonds and many others. The quality of the cut is another integral variable in figuring out a diamond’s worth and exquisiteness.

3. Condition

If you own a diamond engagement ring that has chipped or nicked diamond, it may affect its existing value. You are likely to receive a lower price if your scrap jewellery piece is not in good condition.

4. Origin

A diamond having a recorded origin will be priced more compared to the one that does not. Your diamond might be GIA certified, which proves its realness and tell its weight and features.

It might even have undergone laser engraving having an exclusive code, much identical to a VIN number of a vehicle.

What to Know When You Sell Your Engagement Rings after Divorce?

It can be puzzling and complicated to deal with a divorce. In typical situations, an engagement ring is viewed as a premarital asset. It means that it was a thing that was possessed by the bride before marriage and is thus hers only.

If the engagement ring is a family legacy, it’s being attained as a pledge to be a part of that family. If the ring recipient afterwards leaves that family, a majority of laws will claim the ring to be given back. If you get involved in the post-marital legal system, see what the particular laws are for the region wherein you stay. For detailed jewellery valuation or jewellery appraisals, it is best to count on the most trusted jewellery store, Buy My Diamond.

Sell Your Engagement Rings
Why Sell my Old Gemstone Jewellery Online?

It is a good idea to sell your old jewellery online as it is a great way to get maximum buyers. Due to the progressing importance of transparency and approachability from businesses, a large percentage of folks are buying the perfect jewellery by just relaxing on their couch. At platforms like Buy My Diamond, you’ll get nothing but an amazing shopping experience.

At Buy My Diamond, you can receive a free of cost assessment while you sell your diamond pendants or sell your diamond tennis bracelets. Our experts are there to educate you and aid you in knowing the actual market price of your pieces in a better way. We have outstanding client support, great communication, and an easily available commission system. We are an ideal choice for those who want cash for gold jewellery. No matter if it is a piece of fine jewellery or a branded one, we at Buy My Diamond accept everything. In addition, we give the resale amount to the clients either in cash, cheque, UPI or bank transfer.

Expecting to get the best deal when I sell my gold jewellery? Then rely on Buy My Diamond without any hesitation. We are a reputed jewellery buyer in the town that can get you the best offer for your pieces.

Stay calm and patient when selling your ornaments with us. Contact us today and get your old, pre-owned diamond or gold jewellery appraised.

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